A Unique Tool for the Perfect Poached Egg

A Unique Tool for the Perfect Poached Egg | Food & Nutrition | Stone Soup
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Product reviewed: Lékué Poached Egg Cooker?

One of my favorite brunch meals is eggs Benedict. I usually get it at a local spot because making the perfect poached egg can be tricky. That’s why I was interested in using the Lékué Poached Egg Cooker – plus, I love kitchen gadgets!

The poached egg cooker has a silicone top and a mesh bottom that is submerged in water to poach the egg. The container is BPA-free and ensures the entire egg is poached without any stray egg whites.

The Lékué Poached Egg Cooker is very compact, and no assembly is required. Because the silicone top does not touch the water, the cooked egg can be removed with your hands. It only takes three minutes and swirling the water is not required.

With a set of egg poachers, you can use a large pot to poach three or four eggs at once without worrying about them running together – perfect for hosting brunch. It’s important for the water to be just shy of boiling to allow the egg to poach correctly in three minutes. I found that if my water was too hot, it was difficult to get the cooked egg white out of the mesh bottom. It also is significantly easier to remove the egg if the mesh is coated in cooking spray.

Use a spoon to assist in removing the egg from the mesh. Don’t be gentle! You want to get the spoon completely underneath, so the yolk doesn’t break when removing the egg. Once I got the hang of it, this tool became very easy to use, and I love how the eggs turn out. The egg white is delicate, and the yolk is perfect.

Poached eggs are a lower-fat alternative to fried or scrambled eggs while remaining a good source of protein, choline and lutein. For cleanup, I simply used the spray attachment on my sink to spray the mesh before washing it. The silicone portion also is removable for cleaning.

Although it takes some practice, once you get the hang of it, the Lékué egg poacher can be a convenient tool.A Unique Tool for the Perfect Poached Egg - You will be a poached egg guru in no time!

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