Rely on the Quick Heating of this Cool-Touch Electric Kettle

Rely on the Quick Heating of this Cool-Touch Electric Kettle | Food & Nutrition | Stone Soup
Photo: Heather A. Goesch, MPH, RDN, LDN

Product reviewed: KRUPS?Cool Touch?Electric?Kettle?

Temperatures rise and fall?with general predictability?as the?seasons change, but a warm beverage provides comfort?any day of the year. No matter the?weather, hot water for a mug of cocoa, tea for two, or a pot of French press?coffee?is only moments away?with the?KRUPS Cool Touch Electric Kettle.

Utilizing?1,500 watts?of power, this?quiet?electric kettle?needs only?six?minutes to heat?the total capacity of 1.5 liters?(less?time?for smaller amounts).?The?smart?appliance automatically?shuts?off?within 30 seconds?of reaching a full boil, while its double layer of insulation?keeps both the external surface cool to the touch and the water warm?for?up to?30 minutes — safety and efficiency features that those with children or who frequently multitask in the kitchen will appreciate.

Made of sleek black plastic on the outside and a full lining of stainless steel on the inside, the lightweight materials belie its sturdiness and quality, with a design that neither looks nor feels cheap.?The kettle itself is cordless for ease of pouring, sitting on a corded rotational power base that allows for replacement at any angle.?There is no gauge or window to check water level when filling, but the maximum capacity is clearly marked inside the carafe.

In addition to using less energy than a traditional stovetop kettle, the KRUPS Cool Touch gives off virtually no?heat?— which is?particularly advantageous?in my kitchen,?as I enjoy?cocoa?mid-afternoon?practically every day of the year.?I?am?very happy with?the kettle?for preparing hot beverages, as well as for?getting?a jump on?boiling water?to?cook?dried beans and more quickly prepare?breakfast porridges.

As the company’s saying goes,?“for?Krups, every detail?counts,” and the?Cool Touch?Electric Kettle?is no exception.?Although heating water in a stovetop pot isn’t difficult?or?much more time-consuming, this?safety-focused?electric tool?is a?welcome daily convenience that merits its own spot on our kitchen counter.Rely on the Quick Heating of this Cool-Touch Electric Kettle -


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