I’m Absolutely Nuts over My NutraMilk Machine

I’m Absolutely Nuts over My NutraMilk Machine
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Product reviewed: Brewista NutraMilk

In the past year, I have become obsessed with finding a nut milk to suit my fancy. A nut milk made with simply nuts and filtered water (and, if flavored, only minimally using real food ingredients) is hard to find – and costly, too. Spending $9 per week for a quart of nut milk was becoming an expensive habit! That’s why I was thrilled with the opportunity to review NutraMilk.

Brewista’s NutraMilk is more than just an elegantly designed non-dairy milk processor. In just minutes, it processes nuts into butters and nut butters into milk. It also can process a variety of fruits (if frozen, cut into small chunks first), oats and legumes so you can create all kinds of dishes. With its quick-start guide and cookbook, you can easily master the basics and create your own wholesome recipes in no time!

I quickly discovered this device fit my kitchen sense and style. Simple, healthy, no-hassle cooking is my game. (And if I can add a creative spin, even better!) I made my first nut butter in just a few minutes, and my kids were delighted to see how smooth and creamy the peanut butter was. Next up was almond milk, a must-make for me. Using the minimal recommendation for 1 cup nuts, I customized my recipe by adding 2 cups more water than required plus a few dates for sweetness. The almond milk came out smooth, creamy and delightfully?“milky” (well-churned and residue-free). I also made an oat milk smoothie and some of my own recipes including Chickpea Carrot Hummus and batter for my go-to Carob Date Bread.

An absolute perk of this appliance: no straining required. That means no more soaking almonds to remove the skins or decanting through a sifter to remove the mulched peels.

Assembly and cleaning is a cinch; all the pieces separate easily for thorough cleaning. The detachable spigot is genius, making it easy to decant milks and smoothies, and simplifying the cleaning process. Everything easily fits and snaps back into place.

Were there any disappointments or drawbacks? Not really. Most of the challenges I faced were avoidable, such as forgetting to hit the “on” switch and not firmly locking the device into place before starting it. Since the NutraMilk is a sizable and heavy device, I recommend finding counter space for it to live. I also recommend using a safety cut-resistant glove for handling and cleaning the sharp blade.

Whether you are a nut milk fanatic like me or not, you can enjoy the multi-functionality of this nut milk machine.I’m Absolutely Nuts over My NutraMilk Machine - In fact, the NutraMilk can easily take the place of your existing food processor; use it for a multitude of recipes including smoothies, purees, sauces, dips and batters for your baking delight.

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Lauren O'Connor, MS, RD
Lauren O’Connor, MS, RDN, is a Los Angeles-based private practice dietitian, recipe developer and owner of Nutri Savvy Health, a program focusing on mindful eating and family nutrition. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.