A Grill for All Seasons

A Grill for All Seasons
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Product reviewed: Krups Precision Indoor Grill

I live in the Midwest, so there are several months during the year when I choose not to go outside to grill, even though it’s one of my favorite ways to cook. That’s where the Krups Precision Indoor Grill comes in handy. I am not always keen on hoarding endless small kitchen appliances or specialty kitchen tools, but this counter top grill takes the place of a few.

The?Krups Precision Indoor Grill is a small appliance with a patented automatic sensor that cooks food to your desired doneness.?Similar to?a Panini press, it has top and bottom?dishwasher-safe?grill plates with a lid that opens and closes to?evenly?cook meats, seafood, Paninis, fruits and?vegetables. It even can cook frozen food using a special setting.?The machine’s grease trap allows any excess oil to drip down into a removable tray while food cooks, making it easy to clean up.

As I mentioned before, I was skeptical to try this grill because there are so many small kitchen appliances on the market, most of which have one or two specific uses. I tend to stick with standard cooking apparatuses because of my kitchen’s limited storage space. But this counter top grill is actually pretty special. When I first removed it from the box, I noticed right away that it seems to be well-made and sturdy. It has a shiny stainless-steel exterior and looks sharp next to my other kitchen tools.

Along with looking sharp, these are my favorite features of the indoor grill:

  • It comes with a detailed owner’s manual and a quick-start guide, which is definitely my style. The directions are easy to follow, so I was able to start cooking right away.
  • It has a custom temperature feature?called Automatic Sensor Cooking?Technology,?which allows users to choose meat doneness: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or well done.?While grilling, the machine says what range it is at and beeps at each temperature interval. This baby cooks food to your liking every time.
  • It has buttons labeled burger, chicken, Panini, sausage, red meat and fish; and it also can grill?fruit and?vegetables.?I used it to make chicken sausages; it seared perfect grill marks on both sides and was perfectly cooked.?The grill marks were light with no charred pieces, and the sausage was juicy.
  • It can cook frozen food using a special?frozen?setting.
  • The grill grates and grease traps are easy to clean.
  • If you live in a climate that is cold several months during the year, or if you don’t have a place to?store?an outdoor grill, this indoor grill is a perfect alternative.

The only downfall, besides having a place to store the indoor grill, is the price.?It retails at $149 at most kitchen stores.?However, that is significantly cheaper than buying an outdoor charcoal or gas grill.

With special features you can’t get from other indoor grills,A Grill for All Seasons - the Krups Precision Indoor Grill is great especially for those who are newbies in the kitchen.

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