Firing Up the Griddle

Firing Up the Griddle
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Product reviewed: Marquette Castings Reversible Griddle

I’ve heard of people using griddles for just about everything in the kitchen, so I was super excited to try this gadget. I love finding new ways to make meals at home, and I’ve always wanted to use a griddle to make breakfast, grill steaks and even make grilled cheese sandwiches. My husband usually is the one who fires up the grill, but now I have an option to fire up the griddle in the comfort of my air-conditioned kitchen!

The Marquette Castings Reversible Griddle covers two burners and works with both gas and electric ranges. One side has rounded bumps and can be used to make grilled foods; the other side is a smooth surface to make a variety of entrees, side dishes and desserts. A fun feature of cast-iron kitchen tools is that they are a great way to boost the iron content in your meal!

When I first opened the Marquette Castings Reversible Griddle, I was surprised at how big and sturdy it is. A great size to cook a meal at once, the griddle can easily cook a steak on one half and roast asparagus on the other. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty enameled cast-iron griddle that can handle the heat, this is definitely the tool for you.

I bought steaks to test the griddle and see how it compares to my gas grill. I placed the ribbed side of the griddle face-up on the stove with both gas burners on medium-high heat. I knew it was at the right temperature when I splashed a few droplets of water on the griddle and saw they immediately evaporated. I seasoned the griddle with avocado oil and placed the steaks on it. I immediately heard the sizzling sound of steak and couldn’t wait to eat it. After a few minutes, I turned the steaks over and was impressed with the sear marks from the griddle. I enjoyed the steaks made on this griddle just as much as the ones my husband makes on our grill!

Once the steaks were done cooking, it was time for clean-up. I usually clean the kitchen as soon as I’m done cooking, but I had to wait since the griddle was still extremely hot. Be very careful handling this griddle and wait until it has completely cooled before transferring it to the sink to wash. If you need to move the griddle aside to make space on the stove before it has completely cooled, be sure to use oven mitts to protect your hands.

Cleaning this griddle is pretty simple once it has cooled. A simple wash with soapy water and a sponge should do the job. Any time I use a cast-iron kitchen tool, I make sure to fully dry it or even heat it up on the stove again to reduce the risk of rusting. You also can season the griddle with a high-heat oil after it is dry.

I love the multiple uses of the Marquette Castings Reversible Griddle and am excited about all the delicious dishes I can put together: pancakes, eggs and even grilled peaches! I would recommend this tool to a friend or client who is looking for a simple way to grill foods in their kitchen or make multiple pancakes and breakfast foods on slow weekend mornings.Firing Up the Griddle -

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