Cook Crepes like a Pro with Le Creuset’s Nonstick Crepe Pan

Cook Crepes like a Pro with Le Creuset’s Nonstick Crepe Pan
Photo by Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN

Product reviewed: Le Creuset Nonstick Crepe Pan

Crepes bring me back to my grandmother’s kitchen. I remember watching her load the pan with butter to keep the batter from sticking. Since the bulk of my recipes are created for prediabetes and weight management, I’m always trying to minimize the amount of oil I add when cooking. The Le Creuset Nonstick Crepe Pan was the perfect way to enjoy one of my favorite foods without extra calories and fat.Cook Crepes like a Pro with Le Creuset’s Nonstick Crepe Pan -

At first glance, the Le Creuset Nonstick Crepe Pan has a beautiful, sleek design. It differs from a traditional nonstick pan with its shallow edges for easier flipping of delicate crepes. The nonstick surface is PFOA-free and triple reinforced to prevent flaking, peeling and rusting. A hard-anodized, fully encapsulated aluminum core conducts heat quickly and evenly so crepes are perfectly cooked. The magnetic stainless-steel base disk resists corrosion, and the ergonomic handle has a hollow design to keep cool on the stove. However, if you’re making several batches of crepes at a time, keep a pot holder handy just in case.

Preparing the pan is easy: Simply wash it in hot, soapy water and season it by moistening a paper towel with a little bit of oil and dabbing on the surface. As far as kitchen tools go, this crepe pan is probably the simplest to use. It comes with a wooden rateau for spreading the crepe batter. I tried cooking crepes with both the “tilt the pan” method and using the rateau. Honestly, it’s a personal preference. I sometimes am lazy and prefer not to wash an extra item, but the rateau does help create rounder, more even crepes. The pan also is great for scrambling eggs or cooking small pancakes, a great way to take advantage of the nonstick surface. The manufacturer recommends cooking on low to medium heat to avoid damaging the pan’s nonstick coating.

Cleanup is easy, but it’s important to wait for the pan to cool before washing it to maintain the integrity of the surface. Wash by hand or in the dishwasher.

The Le Creuset Nonstick Crepe Pan performs flawlessly. I very much appreciate the ability to prepare a healthier crepe batter that’s not loaded with oil and butter. Top crepes with nutritious savory or sweet toppings. I love to microwave frozen berries for a few minutes, stir in chia seeds and let them cool to thicken. It makes a delicious, fiber-rich filling without added sugars. Experiment and enjoy your crepe pan!

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