A Blender to Effortlessly Make Smoothies, Soups, Purees and More!

A Blender to Effortlessly Make Smoothies, Soups, Purees and More!
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Van’t Zelfden, RDN

Product reviewed: Dash Digital Blender

To put things in perspective, my current blender is about 15 years old, cost less than $35 and is slow as mud. I’m not the type that drinks smoothies every day, so in the past, it seemed unnecessary to buy an expensive blender that I wouldn’t use very often. But, that was before reading all the wonderful features the Dash Digital Blender has to offer. I was so excited to try them all!

The Dash Digital Blender features a 64-ounce blending pitcher and 1400 watts of power. Its six preset functions include puree, smoothie, crush, frozen (for ice creams and “nice creams”), soup (which yields hot, creamy soup in about eight minutes!) and rinse (for easy cleanup). The preset functions allow the user to hit “start” and step away – the machine handles the rest, including pulsing and adjusting speeds to achieve the desired result.

I’ve never owned a powerful blender, so as soon as I unboxed the Dash Digital Blender, I was taken aback by its size. At 21.5 inches tall, this blender is almost twice as tall as my current blender. It’s so tall that I can’t store it on my countertop; I have to store it in my kitchen cabinets with the blender pitcher separated from the base. That being said, it is a comparable size to a Vitamix blender, which is only 1 inch shorter at 20.5 inches tall.

The Dash Digital Blender is big on size as well as function. I was amazed at the creaminess of smoothies, the speed and ease in which it crushed ice and frozen fruit, and how easily it cleaned itself using the “rinse” function. As a test, I made peanut butter in the blender and almond butter in my food processor. The Dash Digital Blender produced beautifully creamy peanut butter in about two minutes, whereas my food processor took more than five minutes to produce creamy almond butter.

One of the most interesting functions of the blender, the “soup” feature, uses the natural heat generated by blending to create a hot, creamy soup in about eight minutes. You can use vegetables that are raw (tomatoes) and pre-cooked (sweet potatoes) to make smooth, delicious soups.

The Dash Digital Blender is a great investment to make creamy smoothies, pureed foods and more.A Blender to Effortlessly Make Smoothies, Soups, Purees and More! - It would be a great investment for someone on a modified texture diet, a busy family looking for an easy way to cook at home more often, or a registered dietitian nutritionist who does cooking classes or demos. The blender’s power and versatility make it a treasured kitchen tool that you’ll want to use again and again.

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Stephanie Van't Zelfden
Stephanie Van't Zelfden, RDN, CDN, LDN, is a mom, home cook and founder of Nutrition Hungry, a food and nutrition brand that helps busy families improve their health! Nutrition Hungry focuses on family & child nutrition concerns such as food allergy management, picky eating and feeding babies. Connect with her at Nutrition Hungry and on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.