Phyll Dondis Ribakoff: Fighting Hunger in Boston

In the Boston area, Phyll Dondis Ribakoff, RD, LDN, is active in the fight against hunger and food insecurity. Working with dietetic interns at Sodexo, she teaches how to reach food-insecure families through nutrition and budgeting education, and inspires them to participate in hunger relief activities. “I think it’s as important for future registered dietitians to be aware of food insecurity and hunger as [it is] to be aware of obesity and other chronic nutritional issues,” she says.

Ribakoff’s commitment doesn’t end there. She has served on the board of Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters program and has taught 20 six-part Cooking Matters classes. Ribakoff also is featured in several videos used to train dietitians and chefs who volunteer for the organization. For her dedication, she was inducted into the Share Our Strength Hall of Fame in 2013.

On Cooking Matters
"Cooking Matters is an outstanding organization that teaches people how to make the most of their food and food budget. To me, that is where Cooking Matters makes a huge contribution."

On Developing a STOP Hunger Activity for Sodexo Dietetic Interns
"I developed this assignment because it is as important for future RD’s to be aware of food insecurity and hunger as to be aware of obesity and other chronic nutritional issues."

"We've raised thousands of dollars, served hundreds of meals and donated thousands of pounds of food and volunteer hours. We've made a considerable contribution to stopping hunger and raising awareness of hunger."


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