Openfit (iOS Version 3.3.3)

Openfit (iOS Version 3.3.3) -Synopsis of the App: Openfit offers streaming fitness classes and custom nutrition plans with a side of motivation in one place.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Attractive and easy-to-use app.
  • Stream live classes led by trainers who know your name and will personally coach you through workouts in real time.
  • Pick from a number of live, on-demand and upcoming classes that range from walking to HIIT, kickboxing, yoga and stretching.
  • Users enter food preferences and allergies for a custom meal plan.
  • Meal plans are generally balanced for macronutrients.
  • Easily remove, replace and log meals or add items you eat from the Openfit nutrition database.
  • Includes an assessment upon starting to determine what you want to achieve from using the app.
  • Includes non-binary language to accommodate people from all backgrounds.
  • Option to turn on notifications and reminders for upcoming classes.
  • Includes a complete tutorial tour on using the app.
  • Includes a free seven-day trial.


  • Promises to show you exactly what to eat to get the results you want.
  • Must share a phone number to access real-time workouts with trainers.
  • Requires age and weight to get a meal plan.

Bottom Line: Although it might push privacy limits for some and overpromises a bit on the meal plans, Openfit is ideal for independent exercisers who need a bit more motivation and want to be part of a community.

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