Foodility (iOS version 1.1.9)

Foodility (iOS version 1.1.9) -Synopsis of the App: Foodility is a simple food and fitness diary that intentionally omits calorie counting.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple only.

RDN Score: 3/5


  • Super simple design.
  • Log meals, water (in ounces or milliliters), exercise and weight (in pounds or kilograms) using a simple entry style.
  • Enter details such as date, meal type and location type, plus upload optional photos and notes for later reference.
  • Export select content as a PDF for sharing.
  • Access the statistics tab to chart weight and/or water intake.
  • Turn on alerts to remind you to enter data each day.
  • Option to skip creating an account and use an anonymous login to protect privacy.
  • Includes a small collection of YouTube exercise videos that may or may not be suitable for all users.


  • Anonymous logins are not backed up.
  • Foodility doesn’t provide space to include non-water sources of hydration.
  • The app lacks a way to bring all content together on one screen, which could be helpful for users who want to analyze their day, week or month.

Bottom Line: Although tracking is not for everyone, Foodility may be useful for people who want a visual log of food and water intake without worrying about calories.

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Marisa Moore
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