Eat This Much (iOS version 1.115.0)

Eat This Much (iOS version 1.115.0) -Synopsis of the App: Eat This Much creates automatic meal plans based on personal food and diet preferences with a claim to make it effortless to follow any kind of diet.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android.

Score: 2/5


  • Easy to navigate with upbeat graphics and animation.
  • Provides more than 4,000 recipes and 250,000 individual foods to compose meal plans with the option to exclude certain foods as well.
  • Accounts for individual activity level and includes options to maintain or lose weight, or build muscle when setting nutrition targets to guide the meal planning process.
  • Users can follow an established eating style or customize one with a variety of options including vegan and vegetarian diets, the Mediterranean diet and others.
  • The premium version includes a grocery and pantry list that lets users move ingredients back and forth with a simple tap. This tracks foods used to help maintain an inventory, which helps with meal planning.
  • Choose imperial or metric units.


  • Requires sign-up using email or Facebook login, so anonymity is not guaranteed.
  • Choosing a specific diet automatically excludes large groups of foods such as no red meat, fruit juice or starchy vegetables on the Mediterranean diet.
  • Noticed a few glitches, making it difficult to add foods and advance to the next page in the profile set-up.
  • Food and nutrition recommendations vary, and some meal plans appear to be nutritionally inadequate.

Bottom Line: This diet-focused app won’t be a good fit for those following a non-diet approach to eating. For people looking for easy ways to pull together meals based on personal food preferences, Eat This Much may help and offer new recipe ideas along the way.

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