Adobe Premiere Rush CC (Version 1.0.2)

Adobe Premiere Rush CC (Version 1.0.2) -Synopsis of the App: Adobe Premiere Rush CC makes it possible to shoot, edit and share professional-quality videos from a single app.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple only (Android coming soon).

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Shoot, edit and share video all from one app.
  • Work across phone, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Capture and edit professional-quality video from a phone.
  • Easily drag and drop video and audio clips, photos and other graphics using the flexible timeline.
  • Includes robust editing features to add music, adjust for color, add text, titles and transitions, and record voiceovers.
  • Export up to 4K video.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud users can open Rush projects in Premiere Pro for a seamless experience.
  • Includes Adobe fonts and portfolio, a free personalized website that includes hosting and unlimited pages to share your body of work.
  • Rush is free to use with up to 3 exports and 2GB of cloud storage.


  • Only available for iOS devices at the time of this review.
  • Internet and registration are required to activate the app and to access certain services.
  • Large learning curve; if you haven’t used Premiere Pro before, you will likely need a tutorial or two.

Bottom Line: Although there’s a notable learning curve for anyone new to the Adobe suite, Premiere Rush CC puts the power of a professional video editor in the palm of your hands.

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